Hamamatsu Photonics, a Japanese company,  manufactures optical sensors, electric light sources, and other optical devices and their applied instruments. They are specialist in photometry, cameras, optical components & analysis systems.

DisplayCraft created a custom island exhibit for Hamamatsu that was so successful, a linear design solution was requested. The solution was a 40 ft linear exhibit solution conveying a similar look and feel. The exhibit breaks down into two 20 ft inline exhibit displays for added flexibility.

Plexi cubes created unique surfaces for displaying small products and LED arm magnifying lamps aiding viewing. Flat screen monitors with red ambient back-lighting aided demonstrations.


20 Ft. Custom Inline Trade Show Exhibit | Hamamatsu
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Merchandising Partners

Merchandising Partners, LLC is a one stop source for all merchandising needs. Their services include Packaging, Point of Purchase Displays, Fabrication, and Distribution.

DisplayCraft teamed up with Merchandising Partners creating a custom 10×20 inline trade show display to present Conair Hospitality, at the HDEXPO event.

The custom inline display featured generous merchandising areas, ample storage and versatile, comfortable functionality. Elegant glass shelving with soft overhead lighting created beautiful product displays. Small baskets and towels created an upscale hotel feel. A cool colored SEG graphic, surrounded by warm wood tones, perfectly accentuated CONAIR’s corporate branding.

10x20 Inline Trade Show Display | Merchandising Partners
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Ortronics is a global leader in infrastructure networking solutions. Creating a 10×20 trade show exhibit that portrayed the look and feel of their European showrooms was the design challenge. Attending multiple shows during the year, reconfiguration flexibility was also important.

The design solution was a sleek, clean European style exhibit. It was engineered to be extremely modular, re-configuring easily into different sizes and heights. The creation of innovative “display cabinets” that opened allowed show attendees to not only see products from the front, but allowed easy access to the back. An important selling tool. Dimensional logos branded the space and added to the high end feel of the overall display.


10x20 Custom Trade Show Exhibit | Ortronics Legrand
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VMS Vantage specializes in providing integrated media intelligence solutions to help their clients gather and better utilize marketing information. The design challenge was to create a custom 10×20 trade show booth that would effectively depict an intangible “intelligence” product.

DisplayCraft worked with VMS Vantage’s advertising agency to develop an effective trades show booth design solution. Graphic alcoves with layered opaque and sheer fabric banners creating a simulated three-dimensional effect. Fabric, brushed aluminum and frosted plexiglas details combined to create a fresh modern flair. Strategically placed flat screen monitors drew attendees into the exhibit area where staff members provided product demonstrations and lead retrieval.

10x20 Trade Show Booth | VMS Vantage
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As a major international manufacturer of quality electrical and electronic products, Hubbell had an exhibit design challenge. They needed to display products of varying sizes, weights and shapes in a flexible and organized way. Portraying a quality brand image on the trade show floor was another must.

The solution was a custom modular exhibit system with a wide range of mounting methods accommodating each and every product. From product display boards to LCD monitors, small products to large, the exhibit neatly displayed all their products. Tension fabric canopies, a large banner and dimensional logo sign combined to add style and sophistication, therefore heightening their brand image at trade shows.

Custom Modular Booth | HUBBELL
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ebm-papst is the world’s leading source of engineered air movement solutions, motors and fans. Attending several trade shows throughout the year, they identified a need for a lightweight, modular exhibit system. Aligning with their current branding and reinforcing their position as an industry leader were important considerations.

The design solution, a custom modular exhibit modeled after exhibit materials they used at their other major shows. The modular exhibit system fit the bill because it was lightweight, easy to assemble and ideal for regional and local trade shows. The exhibit successfully conveyed their brand while providing all the flexibility of a modular system.


Modular Exhibit System | ebmpapst
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Schoolnet is a leader in data-driven decision making for students. With a desire to use modern portable and lightweight modular booth materials, but with a need for an interactive whiteboard presentation usually seen with heavier custom exhibits, they were at a crossroads.

DisplayCraft developed a custom exhibit solution constructed from elegant curved tension fabric panels and floating LED light boxes. The interactive whiteboard mounted to a custom stand so it appeared recessed and part of the display. This creative design and engineering method allowed Schoolnet to use a large interactive whiteboard. The lightweight modular exhibit materials saved drayage and freight costs.


Lightweight Modular Booth | Schoolnet
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Prudential Retirement

Prudential Retirement delivers retirement plan solutions for public, private, and nonprofit organizations. They required a trade show booth with large graphics for brand messaging while also being inexpensive to setup and ship around the country.

DisplayCraft’s hybrid display solution consisted of a combination of modular and custom components that were easy to install and dismantle. A central backlit fabric graphic created a dynamic presence on the show floor. Large monitors provided additional content that was easy to adapt for event specific messaging. The custom cabinets shipped assembled minimizing labor on the show floor.

Hybrid displays are a great alternative to traditional modular or portable display systems. They are positioned perfectly between a typical mural backwall and custom exhibit solution. A hybrid display gives the look and feel up an upscale custom exhibit, while providing the cost savings of light weight modular systems.

Hybrid Display Solution Prudential Retirement
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20 ft Inline Exhibit | Custom Linear Exhibit
10x20 Inline Trade Show Display | Merchandising Partners | DisplayCraft
10x20 Trade Show Exhibit | Ortronics Legrand | DisplayCraft
10x20 Custom Trade Show Exhibit | VMS Vantage | DisplayCraft
Custom Modular Exhibit I Custom Linear Exhibit
Modular Exhibit System | Modular Booths & Displays
portable and lightweight modular booth
Hybrid Display Solution | Hybrid Trade Show Booth | DisplayCraft

Linear Displays Powerful Solutions

Linear displays or inline exhibits are geared toward a “frontal assault”.  Trade show attendees approach either directly or are passing by. Consequently, your linear display has only moments to convey a message and engage the prospect.  In an instant, how your exhibit first appears will determine whether or not your company receives a second look.

The hallmarks of potent inline trade show display environments are versatility, clarity of branding, functionality and ease of component assembly.

Please view these selected examples of inline trade show exhibits and see how DisplayCraft can provide you with a cost effective, modular and highly distinctive display.