Schuco Island Exhibit

Schüco is a global company providing innovative solutions in the fields of windows, doors, facades and solar products. The design challenge was to create an Eco-friendly island exhibit while adhering to the strict Greenbuild Conference exhibiting guidelines. The 20 x 20 display had to also creatively display Shuco’s multiple product lines

A fabricated structural wall display housed their Parallel Push-out motorized window system. The windows articulated to the open or closed positions with a push of a button, therefore, allowing attendees to demonstrate them in person.

A 16’ back wall graphic structure compliments Schüco’s ERC 50 building facade enveloping system display illustrating a real world application.

Eco-friendly Island Trade Show Booth Schuco

Trade Show Booth Graphic Wall Mural Schuco
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Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare is a designer and manufacturer of superficial radiation technology for the non surgical treatment of skin cancer.  They had a need to create a fresh, bold presence to showcase their brand and services at South Beach Symposium.

Their new 20×30 island exhibit build featured a combination of modular and custom display components. Large seamless wall murals using SEG fabric graphics created high impact and visibility on the trade show floor. A private seating area allowed attendees and booth staff a space for casual meetings. Ceiling components, integrated lighting and custom furniture with corporate colors reinforced the quality of the Sensus brand.


DisplayCraft’s exhibit design team rose to the challenge for the Sensus project. In addition to the island exhibit, a linear display solution can be created using the same exhibit materials. Finally, the fabric graphics make re-branding from show to show easy.

Custom Modular Island Booth Display with Fabric Wall Graphics | Sensus  Healthcare
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Jungbunzlauer is one of the world’s leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origin.

The Jungbunzlauer project highlights DisplayCraft’s skill in the unseen…the intangibles that an “exhibit” cannot convey to the uninitiated.

This exhibit tells the story of client discovery, of listening, of learning and of translation.

We were tasked with multiple requests from multiple concerns.  Each requirement was integral.

All had to be incorporated and integrated in such a manner that flow, harmony, aesthetics and purpose were never compromised.

Garrett Leather

Garrett Leather is the world’s largest distributor of fine Italian upholstery leather. The design challenge was to create a custom 20 x 20  island exhibit that captured the high-quality nature of Garrett Leather products. Creating product display opportunities for a large variety of leather products of varying styles, colors and sizes was also critical.

The Garrett Leather island exhibit created a “premium showroom” effect on the trade show floor. The corporate orange awning defined the space, and artistic graphics showcasing Garrett’s products enhanced the atmosphere. A back wall section framed 400 leather swatches in an array of color, bringing together both form and function into a stunning exhibit and experience for all NBAA Conference visitors.

20 x 20 Island Trade Show Exhibit | Garrett LeatherTrade Show Booth with Slat Wall Merchandising Display | Garrett Leather
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Thales Angenieux

Thales Angenieux, based in Europe, manufactures precision optics for the film and digital cinematography Industry. The design challenge for their island exhibit was to create an environment that had sophisticated style and large private meeting areas, while also incorporating bold marketing to distinguish them at the NABSHOW convention.

The design solution was a highly effective 20′ x 30′ double deck island exhibit. Included was a live stage to demonstrate products, 2 conference rooms for private meetings, and larger than life banners. Color changing LEDs created atmosphere for the second floor entertainment area. Here attendees could kick up there feet on comfortable couches while enjoying a the coffee bar.

Double Deck Island Exhibit | Thales Angenieux
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Traxon Technologies

Traxon Technologies is a global leader in LED lighting systems. The design challenge for their 30×40 island exhibit was to create a backdrop that incorporated their LED systems in a real-world setting, but greatly reduced installation costs from previous shows.

A highly customized variety of micro-environments were the Traxon Technologies island exhibit solution. Lighting systems were displayed in their optimal settings for maximum effect.

A unique organic shaped sculptural center structure made of white fabric, extrusion and other materials anchored the space. Various special effects lighting created a dance of color and light leaving Lightfair attendees with a memorable experience.

30x40 Custom Island Booth | Traxon Technologies30x40 Island Exhibit Specialty Display | Traxon Technologies
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Bumbo International

Bumbo specializes in high quality infant and toddler products that help little ones sit up on their own, step up to places they can’t yet reach, and build up their confidence as they gain independence and reach important developmental milestones.

DisplayCraft constructed a 20×30 custom island booth to showcase Bumbo’s products at ABC Kids Expo. Using traditional American exhibit fabrication techniques, DisplayCraft translated their European inspired booth design to create a striking environment. The large octagonal structure featured a fully operational Ferris Wheel which circulated Bumbo’s multi seats in a variety of colors. A large hanging sign, sheer fabric graphics and bold larger than life 3-dimensional letters welcomed attendees into the space.

20x30 Custom Island Trade Show Booth | Bumbo

Large Dimensional Letters for Trade Show Booth | Bumbo
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Honeywell is a well-known Fortune 100 company with multiple divisions. The design challenge was to develop a 40×70 island exhibit that would include four different divisions into one booth space, while maintaining their individual exhibit areas and brand identities.

The solution was a custom exhibit in a starburst design, with the Honeywell corporate brand at the center. The divisions were located in each corner of the exhibit area, which allowed them to maintain their own space and brand identity, while at the same time being connected to the Honeywell corporate brand, an effective solution.


Galderma, a major pharmaceutical company, provides an assortment of leading dermatological brands.

The theme for this year’s 50×80 island exhibit was to share in Galderma’s commitment to dermatology. This theme was achieved by guiding attendees down a linear path through the exhibit. Along the way they would experience the different ways in which Galderma has improved the lives of people. Numerous stations were created along the path with interactive experiences. In the center of the exhibit was a café area that allowed attendees and staff to share their stories.




Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries is a full service technology provider. The design challenge was to highlight their full line of capabilities while reflecting their corporate identity.

The Carousel Industries 20×40 island exhibit, resembled a traditional carousel while giving form to the Carousel brand. Six double-sided stations incorporated monitors for demonstrations. Color coordinated logos and sheer banners differentiated the product stations while internal lighting created a warm inviting glow. Curved canopies and headers tied the look together while displaying their corporate logo colors.

A 16’ tower supported a 70” monitor for additional group demos. A strategically placed logo gave high visibility on the IAUG Converge floor.

20x40 Island Trade Show Exhibit | Carousel Industries
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Treif USA

TREIF USA is an owner-managed company dedicated with expert acumen and passion to the art of cutting food. They are a highly specialized manufacturer and global trendsetter of machinery, plants and systems for food cutting technology and of all relevant cutting techniques.

The challenge was to create a modular and transparent environment that showcased their brand and slogan for Process Expo.  The Treif USA 40×60 island exhibit design possesses clean lines, sharp edges, interactive technology and articulating heights combining both display and equipment in a unified space. The culture, philosophy and branding of TREIF USA is conveyed thru both the physical features of their exhibit and the technology within the space.

40x60 Island Trade Show Booth | Treif USA
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Founded in 1989, DynaLock manufactures high security locking and access control products.

The DynaLock island exhibit design challenges posed were numerous.  The client required an exhibit that incorporated flexibility, modularity, lightweight architecture, height, an open concept and complete graphic design.  The budget was challenging due to the numerous requirements.

The resulting 20×20 trade show booth transforms into multiple configurations, utilizes lightweight tension fabric elements while meeting all client financial objectives. Our full service graphic design team also provided the complete booth design package. Concepts submitted during the booth design phase were used.

DynaLock debuted their  custom island booth at the International Security Conference East.

20x20 Island Trade Show Booth | DynaLock
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Hamamatsu Photonics, a Japanese company, manufactures optical sensors, electric light sources, and other optical devices and their applied instruments. They are specialists in photometry, cameras, optical components & analysis systems.

DisplayCraft designed and fabricated a 40×40 trade show booth for Hamamatsu unveiled at Photonics West. The booth technology “wings” are multi-purpose elements. Each support frame transforms into a showcase or can house shelving. Multiple product-specific technology stations featuring graphic elements, video presentations and messaging ring the space. Overhead tension fabric signs add high visibility branding.


Hamamatsu Trade Show Booth Technology Kiosk

40x40 Island Trade Show Booth Hamamatsu
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Ortronics is a global leader in infrastructure networking solutions and wanted to effectively demonstrate their products at trade shows. The ideal solution for their 20×20 trade show exhibit was to show their networking solutions at work. However, traditional network floors take multiple days to assemble and at great cost.

The Solution. DisplayCraft created a simulated networking floor that quickly and easily assembled on the trade show floor. Special “see-through panels” with internal lighting allowed visitors to see the impressive cable networking solutions at work. Finally, a large tension fabric hanging sign branding the space and drawing attention from show attendees.


20x20 Trade Show Booth | Exhibit Ortronics
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Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The design challenge was to create a 20×20 island trade show exhibit conveying the company’s brand image, while also creating a comfortable semi-private meeting room for the NACDS Annual Meeting.

The Boehringer Ingelheim island exhibit design incorporated a free-flowing radius design with tiered corporate banners. Customized components and cabinets with warm natural wood laminate finishes created a solid and substantial feel. The inviting, effective meeting space was created by combining tension fabric structures with hard back wall panels. By utilizing modern, lightweight materials with traditional construction limited weight saving on drayage and shipping costs.

20x20 Island Trade Show Booth | Boehringer Ingleheim
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Eco-friendly island exhibit | Greenbuild
Fabric Graphics for Sensus Healthcare
Garrett Leather 20 x 20 Island Exhibit at NBAA Conference
Double Deck Island Exhibit | Thales Angenieux | NABSHOW | DisplayCraft
Traxon Technologies 30x40 Island Exhibit
20x30 Custom Island Booth | Bumbo International | DisplayCraft
40x70 Island Exhibit | Honeywell | NFPA | DisplayCraft
Galderma 50x80 island exhibit Island Exhibit | AAD Annual Meeting
Carousel Industries 20x40 Island Exhibit IAUG Converge
40x60 Island Exhibit | Treif USA | Process-Expo | DisplayCraft
20x20 Trade Show Booth | DynaLock | International Security Conference East
40x40 Trade Show Booth | Hamamatsu | Photonics West | DisplayCraft
20x20 Trade Show Exhibit | Ortronics | BICSI Conference | DisplayCraft
20x20 Island Trade Show Exhibit | NACDS | DisplayCraft

Island Exhibits Powerful Solutions

Island exhibits or island booths are unique opportunities to brand your trade show booth space with visitor traffic approaching from all directions.  Multiple sight lines, less restrictive regulations regarding booth construction and a larger footprint all intersect to create uniquely challenging design solutions.  With endless branding opportunities, a custom island booth incorporating purposeful design will enable you to stand out in the crowd.

Here you will find multiple examples of Island Exhibit configurations, each designed with vastly differing criteria and marketing purposes.  All possess unique visual distinction.

Contact Us to learn how DisplayCraft can provide you with a cost effective, modular and highly distinctive custom Island Exhibit.