Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta turned to DisplayCraft when it came time to develop the creative theme ideas, designs and management of all the essential details for their annual Dealer Meeting. The design challenge was to effectively utilize a 35,000 sq. ft. space to generate energy and excitement and share information about new products and services.

The design solution was a colorful, flowing fabric treatment, which transformed the regular meeting rooms and halls into a complete Konica Minolta environment. Colorful drapes led dealers through a series of rooms. Dramatic lighting added to the effect, and beyond the design, DisplayCraft managed all the important details for the event.


Annual Dealer Meeting Reception Area | Konica Minolta | Corporate Event | DisplayCraft

Annual Dealer Meeting | Konica Minolta | Corporate Event | DisplayCraft


Konica Minolta

An important part of the Konica Minolta Dealer Meeting included developing a way to effectively manage the flow of people between two main areas. The first section contained nine different software and product application areas, and the second contained multiple partner exhibits for attendees to visit.

The solution was a centralized reception area, which also doubled as a gathering place and entertainment area in the early evenings. DisplayCraft worked closely with the Swan and Dolphin hotels at Disney Orlando to create the environments, and provided evening entertainment for additional networking opportunities.



Dealer Meeting | Konica Minolta | Corporate Event | DisplayCraft



A user group meeting is an ideal opportunity to build relationships and brand image. Gerber created a special event named “Ideation,” which focused on sharing important information about software integration with their customers. The design challenge was to create an environment that facilitated interaction, while also creating an enjoyable experience.

DisplayCraft’s solution included every aspect of event marketing, starting with selecting the site at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans. All aspect of the event were provided by DisplayCraft, including theme design, staging, displays, lighting, talent and services. Even the evening’s entertainment was provided to make this a truly memorable event.

User Group Meeting | Gerber Technologies | DisplayCraft



Eversource serving more than 3.6 million customers initiated a program to build brand loyalty by reaching out to customers at a local level. The design challenge was to create portable displays that effectively portrayed their brand while having flexibility for use at a wide range of venues.

DisplayCraft’s solution was to create a road show comprising customized, informational kiosk displays. The kiosks had a quality look and feel, while at the same time being extremely flexible. The easy to transport cabinets were 30″ wide and had solid, built-in wheels for use at town halls and schools. Each kiosk displayed either static graphics or flat screen monitors for digital presentations. The unique design accommodated all venues.

A great success!

Informational Kiosk Displays | Eversource Road Show | DisplayCraft


Specialty interactive displays are an effective complement to event marketing activities. At trade shows, interactive displays used as “booth draws” generate interest, excitement and entertain show attendees, often drawing a crowd.

For Galderma, a unique Microsoft Smart Table allowed show attendees to enter their own contact information on an active touch-sensitive screen. Not only did the Smart Table align with the iPad and plasma screen demonstrations by the sales staff, but it also provided an opportunity for interaction, creating a memorable experience.

Annual Dealer Meeting | Konica Minolta | Corporate Event | DisplayCraft
Dealer Meeting | Konica Minolta | Displaycraft
Informational Kiosk Displays | Traveling Displays | DisplayCraft
Interactive Displays | Specialty Displays | DisplayCraft

Corporate Events Creating Experiences 

DisplayCraft is experienced at providing complete corporate events and event management services that will make your program a seamless success.

Whether your corporate event is a national sales meeting, private trade show, user group meeting, new product launch, dealer/distributor meeting, VIP customer event, road show or hospitality event, we’re here for you.

From pre-event site selection through post show reporting, we coordinate the myriad details that go into creating a unique and memorable experience…and we do so with creativity, integrity, and incredible attention to detail.

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