Green Trade Show Exhibits

Green Trade Show ExhibitsDisplayCraft is keenly aware of the need to provide green and sustainable alternatives to the traditional materials and methods used to produce traditional exhibit components.  We recognize the inherent value derived through the creation of green trade show exhibits.

As a company, DisplayCraft has been at the forefront of providing environmentally responsible options for our clients. For many years we have been “repurposing” exhibit materials and utilizing recycled products in our constructive process. These efforts have not only reduced the amount of new materials produced, including their resultant carbon footprint, but has also afforded our clients economical options that make a difference.

DisplayCraft is here to help if you are looking for a 100% green-built exhibit, or perhaps just certain elements that would align with your company’s green and sustainable movement or LEED certification program.We offer a wide range of environment-friendly alternatives for all your event marketing initiatives. Please feel free to contact us, we can help tailor a green and sustainable program to meet your needs.